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Home Extensions In AdelaideIs your home due for an enhancement? Choose Intrinsic Design and Build for your residential renovations Adelaide projects. We are your most trusted team when it comes to interior design consultancy and overall project management.

We have a track record of a total of more than 30 years in the building industry, making beautiful homes for families in Adelaide over the years. The Intrinsic Design trio is composed of Brendon who handles project management and Natasha and Amelia who work on interior design services.

You may get in touch with us using the following contacts:

Brendon or 0412 131 464

Natasha or 0408 805 707

Amelia or 0439 888 163


You can also check out our successful residential renovations Adelaide projects  or you may use our contact page to send us a message, or via our Facebook page.


Things to consider with your extension

Many of us think that renovating is all about achieving the design you’ve always wanted. If it is your first time doing a residential renovations Adelaide project, you’ll realise that there is more to a residential renovation than just sheer looks.

The first thing to consider is your overall budget for the project. This will determine the scope of the residential renovations Adelaide project and the materials that can be used. The next consideration is the interior design that you want to achieve as an end result. Another thing to put in mind is the project timeline.

It is important since construction activities could actually disrupt your daily household functions. The last and most important consideration is getting the right set of people to do the job for you. Intrinsic Design and Build is here to help you plan out a budget, provide interior design advice, and complete your residential renovations Adelaide in the agreed timeframe.


“Our Efficient & reliable building team can help you with your home extension”

At Intrinsic Design and Build, we want your residential renovations Adelaide experience to be something you will enjoy and remember. We know that doing a renovation is a tough task and you might end up giving a lot of time looking at the progress of your project. Intrinsic Design and Build wants you to do away with the needless worrying.

We’ll take over the task through our project management services. We will supervise your project from start to finish and this allows us to maintain high working and quality standards as though we were working on our very own home improvement project. Our very approachable but hard-working team is here to provide you with the interior design consultancy you would need and we will be the ones to make sure this will be achieved.

Intrinsic Design and Build is here to see the project through until completion.


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Make your residential renovations Adelaide project a fun experience. Work only with Intrinsic Design and Build in Adelaide and get quality end results with the interior design you have always wanted.