Custom Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide

Your Bathroom should represent you. We understand that your Bathroom is a place you spend a lot of time in. A space that is beautiful, where you can relax and unwind but also a place that is convenient and practical as to make our busy lives that little bit easier.

We work with our clients to create these tranquil spaces in their homes by working through design styles and materials to create the Bathroom that you love. We do everything from the first home visit and quote, working with you to design your Bathroom to Building your new Bathroom whilst having our Building Supervisor over see your project.

Give us a call on 0412 131 464 for your free consultation and let’s see how we can work together to create your dream Bathroom.

Bathroom renovations Adelaide

Your interior design and project management partner for bathroom renovations in Adelaide

Entrust your home and bathroom renovations Adelaide jobs with our passionate team of interior designers and builders at Intrinsic Design and Build.

Simply tell us how you want your bathroom renovations Adelaide to go, provide us with your design ideas and functionality requirements and we will do the job for you.

Our dynamic team has always been dedicated in providing top of the line building works and interior design concepts to all our clients in Adelaide. We always add a personal touch to our work and consider every project as if we were working on our very own homes.

We want every family and household to enjoy their homes and living spaces by giving them the best design and materials options that will last a lifetime. Talk to us today and let our team be your partner in achieving the home improvement outcomes that you have always dreamed of.


  • Tiling
  • Shower
  • Vanity Unit
  • Toilet
  • Plumbing
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design
  • Material Selection
  • Sanitary Selections
  • Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Linen
  • Laundry


Whether you want to enhance your space, re-design the look of your bathroom, or you are encountering structural and plumbing issues, Intrinsic Design and Build is here to help.

We are the newest team of interior designers in the metropolitan Adelaide area, here to provide you with a range of services. We offer interior design consultancy, project management, drafting and bathroom renovations Adelaide.

We owe our track record to our 30+ years of experience in the building and design industry, leaving our customers satisfied every time. Get in touch with us today and discuss your bathroom renovations Adelaide plans with our interior design team.

You may contact Natasha on 0408 805 707 or Amelia on 0439 888 163. For project management needs, contact Brendon on 0412 131 464.

Bathroom Renovation Check List

If you are thinking of bathroom renovations Adelaide, there a few things you have to consider on your checklist:

  • First and most importantly is the budget. It is wise to start with an overall project budget and work out your materials and overhead costs around that boundary.
  • Design and functionality is the second most important thing to consider. For example, a growing family might consider a design that will increase the capacity of your bathroom.
  • Timeline and work sequence should also be planned out. Many bathroom renovations Adelaide might actually take more time than expected if the work sequence is not ironed out.
  • It is important to consider starting from the ceiling works down to the floor before putting in the fixtures.